Fernando Bleichmar

Chief Executive Officer

Fernando leads the team who are dedicated to helping universities develop and grow their online degree programs so more students can access affordable education, improve their career opportunities, and meet employer and community needs.

Before joining in 2022, Fernando led the U.S. Higher Education division of the global EdTech company Cengage Group. He previously served on the management team of Elsevier Health Sciences and spent the first decade of his career with The Boston Consulting Group, advising leaders on strategy and corporate development.

Fernando’s passion for education and student success was inspired by his parents, who founded a school in Mexico City during his youth. Both of his siblings are now professors at U.S. colleges.

Fernando holds an MBA from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Cristina, have two children. Outside of work, Fernando enjoys traveling, sports, hiking, and reading.

What traits do you admire in a leader?

Listening, empathy, communication, thoughtfulness, joy/fun, customer focus.

What are your core values?

Impact, transparency, customer centricity, innovation, and drive.